About Us & FAQs - Fanny Adams
It all started in 2003 when I was trying to buy good underwear. They all rode up, the elastic broke, the stitching came undone… Sound familiar?
So I got out my trusty Elna sewing machine and began to make my own – with varying degrees of success: It needed to have just the right fabric, the perfect design and put together so it lasted.
After much trial and error we had our first pair of Fanny Adams Underwear and haven’t changed a thing since.
What if I order the wrong size?
Fanny Adams Underwear is happy to refund or replace any unworn and/or unwashed garments.
How do I know which style is for me; hipster or full brief?
The full brief will sit at the top of your hip bones (and over your tummy), while the hipsters will sit about half way down your hip bones.
Are they ethically made?
Made right in New Zealand.
Is there much packaging?
Fanny Adams Underwear will come tied up in a tidy package using only fabric off-cuts –  No plastic.
Can they go in the wash?
They certainly can! Remember they are cotton, so heat (hot water, dryers) will age them quicker.
“I have a pair for everyday of the week, absolutely love them, wouldn’t wear anything else. Wash up beautifully and keep their shape.
“My daughter will only wear Fanny Adams. She’s at that stage where if all her favourite knickers are in the wash, I’d better be ready for a complete meltdown. ‘Fine, I just won’t go to school then ’cause I’m not wearing any other undies. And I’ll fail, then won’t get into university and I’ll have to live with you forever!’ Thank God for Fanny Adams!”