It all started in 2003 when Toni was trying to buy good underwear. They all rode up, the elastic broke, the stitching came undone… Sound familiar?
So she got out her trusty Elna sewing machine and began to make her own – with varying degrees of success: It needed to have just the right fabric, the perfect design and put together so it lasted.
After much trial and error she had her first pair of Fanny Adams Underwear and haven’t changed a thing since.
Jenny and Shane were so excited to take over the business early in 2021.  Jenny has loved sewing since she was a child and after having a successful embroidery business for over six years,  she saw a great opportunity to continue on with the popular top quality product.
Jenny and Shane love meeting their customers and hearing their stories about why they keep coming back to buy their underwear, “people get such a huge giggle out of our fun designs and patterns.”