Special Makes

Here at the Fanny Adams Underwear factory,  we quite often receive special requests from customers that have different requirements to the normal.  If you need our pattern modified slightly in any way,  we are only to  happy to try to help.
Nothing beats a comfy pair of undies.

Just some of what we have done to help our clients:
*  Women’s sizes larger than our listed sizing
*  For health reasons you may require extra height ie: an additional 5-10cm added to the waist height
*  Men’s sizes larger than our listed sizing
*  Extra panel in the front for more support
*  The requirement is a minimum of 2 of the same colour,  with multiples of 2 of the same colour when you order please.

Please send an email and we will see what we can do to help:  info@fannyadams.co.nz

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